About Us

The “Dynamic Co., for Manufacturing, Packaging & Printing Services Ltd.” was established in 2005 as a result of the long experiences of its founders in various industrial fields such as packaging, paper manufacturing and various industries. With the passage of time and the accumulation of experiences, the company became one of the leading companies in Palestine in providing various industrial services to various industrial sectors such as supplying industrial machinery and machines. And updating production lines, providing advice, feasibility studies and industrial technical studies.

The company is also distinguished by its familiarity with the fields of supplying various industrial machines, operating training on them, as well as designing production lines in various industrial fields such as food industries, packaging industries, etc. The different sectors, as well as introducing what is new in the field of productive development and preserving the environment, so that we provide work with a high level of sophistication and quality and achieve the best results.



For our company to be the leading company in the field of providing industrial engineering services in Palestine and in the Arab world, and to be a major outlet for producers and manufacturers in Palestine and in neighboring countries in order to obtain the machinery, equipment and industrial technology they need in various fields of industry in a manner commensurate with their needs and aspirations.



Developing industry and production in Palestine and neighboring countries, and working to raise the capabilities and level of the productive sector by providing practical solutions that are compatible with different industrial needs and market requirements of high-quality and competitive products.



Through our work, we aim to promote the culture of production, develop innovation and creative ideas, provide practical solutions and install production lines that lead to the best results in the field of industry in its various sectors, and urge investment in the productive sector as this has a great impact on the development and progress of society economically, scientifically and socially.